About Membership



All residents living in the South Unionville area may register as a Community Member with SURF for FREE.
By becoming a Community Member, you will:


1) Have access to the South Unionville Resident Forum
2) Be updated on SURF events, activities, and initiatives
3) Be updated on community issues and development in the area
4) Be invited to SURF community meetings
5) Be supported by SURF (in regards to your community related endeavours)



All residents living in the South Unionville area are eligible for an official SURF Membership. SURF Memberships are for residents who wish to actively support SURF in terms of volunteer and/or donation. SURF Members are entitled to vote on various issues discussed at SURF meetings.


To become an official SURF Member, there is an annual minimum donation/membership fee of $20.


SURF is a non-profit organization. The money collected from SURF Memberships is used to keep SURF running and to help fund SURF events, activities, and initiatives.


Together, we can represent the best interest of our community and make South Unionville a better place to live.